Eyelet Machines Overview

The CARR Group are the supplier of high quality, durable pneumatic and electric eyeleting machines to a range of industries in New Zealand, Australia and North America.

We supply both manual and automatic machines that are designed to match our own sheet eyelets we also have available. Dimensionally, our eyelets are equivalent to SP4, SP7 and SP9. We produce Stainless Steel (304 Grade), Black Oxide Brass and Brass.

Our machines are also capable of setting 40mm Curtain Eyelets. All our machines are designed to cut the fabric and then set the eyelet and washer simultaneously, unlike self-piercing eyelets, which are rammed directly through the fabrics to make a setting.

Automatic eyeleting machines offer several benefits over manual eyeleting processes. Key advantages include:

Automatic eyeleting machines can significantly increase productivity compared to manual eyeleting. They are capable of processing a large number of eyelets in a shorter period, reducing labour costs and improving overall production efficiency.


These machines ensure consistent and precise placement of eyelets, resulting in uniform quality across the products. This consistency is crucial for maintaining the integrity and appearance of the finished goods.


Automatic eyeleting machines are designed to accurately position eyelets according to predefined specifications. This precision minimises errors and rework, leading to higher-quality products and lower wastage of materials.


Our automatic eyeleting machines can be adjusted for different thicknesses of materials. This versatility allows manufacturers to handle a variety of eyeleting tasks, from thin fabrics to thick mesh, with ease.


With automated feeding, punching, and setting of eyelets, these machines can complete eyeleting tasks much faster than manual methods. This speed is especially beneficial for industries with high production demands.


Our automatic eyeleting machines are equipped with safety features to protect operators from injuries during the eyeleting process. These features include safety guards, emergency stop buttons, and interlocking mechanisms to prevent accidents.


While the initial investment in an automatic eyeleting machine may be higher than manual tools, the long-term cost savings are significant. Reduced labour costs, increased productivity, and lower error rates contribute to improved profitability over time.

Fully Automatic Grommet Setting Machine
Fully Automatic Grommet Setting Machine
Manual Pneumatic Grommet Setting Machine
Manual Pneumatic Grommet Setting Machine
Portable Pneumatic Eyelet Setting Machine

Eyeleting Machines

View an overview of our range of eyeleting machines by downloading the PDF below, or for further details, please visit our Eyeleting Solutions page.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss what machine may be the right fit for your business.