Institutional Barrier Textiles Care & Cleaning

Approved cleaners and care instructions for Carrflex® barrier textiles

Care & Cleaning for Institutional Barrier Textiles

Always consider care instructions for other materials used in end product.

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Carrflex® PVC Care & Cleaning Instructions

Applies to the following Carrflex® Ranges:
  • Healthcare: Defence (MT520), Hospital Film, Pillowsoft, DCPR
  • Institutions: MT520 (Defence), MT380, Clear Vision
  • Commercial: 5112, MT380

Carrflex® Polyurethane Coated Fabrics Care & Cleaning

Carrflex® MediPlus Approved Cleaners

Applies to Carrflex® MediPlus Range

Carrflex® Upholstery Care & Cleaning Instructions

Applies to Carrflex® Upholstery Vinyl Range