Leister Geo Tour of New Zealand, May 2023

In May 2023, Carr NZ had the good fortune of hosting Eddie Weiser from Leister Switzerland for a two-week visit to the country.

Eddie, an esteemed member of the Geo Membrane Welding Division, possesses numerous global accreditations and has actively contributed to the redevelopment of various Geo Welding Tools, including forthcoming additions to the market.

Accompanied by Sales Manager Matthew Allan, Eddie embarked on a comprehensive journey, spanning from the northern region of Whangarei to the southern town of Cromwell. Their itinerary encompassed visits to several of our customers, including engineers from Tonkin and Taylor, alongside other industry professionals.

Throughout the majority of the trip, the prevailing constant was rainfall. On a couple of occasions, we encountered the imminent risk of being isolated due to road closures. This added a touch of adventure to Eddie’s first experience in New Zealand. There was nothing quite like traversing through high waters in a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and contemplating the potential outcomes.

During the journey, Eddie generously shared his wealth of experience, imparting insights on tools, tips, and tricks. Additionally, he engaged in discussions regarding the global Geo Market, highlighting new products and the evolving standards within the industry.

We also had the privilege of showcasing the complete range of Leister tools specifically designed for the Geo Market. Numerous visitors expressed their admiration for the new Comet, Weldplast 605 Extruder, and Examo 100 handheld tensiometer.

For those with an interest in such equipment, the new Vacuum Plate 300 and Geostar G7, equipped with the Leister Quality System (LQS), were also put to the test.

Overall, this experience provided ample opportunities for everyone involved to enhance their knowledge and understanding. Undoubtedly, Leister now possesses a deeper appreciation of the New Zealand Geo Industry. We firmly believe that this endeavor has proven highly advantageous, and we hope to have the opportunity to replicate it in the future across other product categories.

Out on site in an irrigation pond under construction.
Eddie explains the setting up of the Geostar and what is required to get it welding well.
Eddie onsite in Kurow demonstrating the Geostar G7 in action. It made a good weld and left a good impression.
The old PHEV affectionately, renamed Geo Wagon, after 4,300Km’s and all the dirt it could hold.

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