Leister’s Vacuum Plate 300 for the Geo Industry

Early in 2022, Leister launched a new tool for the Geo market for leak testing membranes. The new Vacuum Plate 300 uses a pump system for conducting leak tests on geomembranes and roofing membranes or other plastic foils.


The surface to be tested is first sprayed with soapy water and a vacuum is created by using the Vacuum Plate 300. Leaks are then easily detected by the visible building of bubbles.

The new integrated vacuum and plate make it even easier to test and maneuver out in the field. The additional pressure vari-flow valve allows you to increase and decrease the pressure until the desired or specified test pressure is set.

The Polymer Plate is also extremely flexible and the large, sponged base allows the tool to form a good seal on the membrane during the testing process.

The tool has a total weight of 7.7kgs.

Please note: the vacuum test is only checking the tightness of weld seams for leaks. For strength tests we recommend the use of a Leister EXAMO.

Contact us today for further information about the Leister VACUUM PLATE 300 or Leister EXAMO.