What is Pre-hemmed Advertising Mesh Banner?

Pre-Hemmed Advertising Mesh Banner is made from Carrflex® PVC Advertising Mesh Banner.

This product features a 40mm welded hem top and bottom, running the whole length of the roll. The flat profile of the welded hem ensures the product remains printable edge to edge without print-head strike.

The key advantage of Carrflex® Pre-Hemmed Advertising Mesh Banner is through efficiency in production. This is achieved through removing the time consuming and expensive process of edge re-enforcement.

CARR Group facilitates this through our welding factory in the country of origin where Carrflex® PVC Advertising Mesh Banner is manufactured. The facility has the ability to weld 40mm edge hems up to any finished width to a maximum of 2,200mm. Due to the regular height of temporary mesh fencing, the most popular finished widths are 1,600mm & 1,800mm. We have also produced 850mm wide for barrier fencing and 2,000mm wide for scaffolding.

To come up with the best roll length we have thought about the end application, the maximum load a printer can take, and what is a manageable physical weight.
Advertising Mesh Banner is often sold in panels of varying length. Higher volume applications are often sold in 50m sections, good coverage but still manageable to handle for installation on the mesh fencing. For this reason, we try to sell our advertising mesh banner in roll lengths to suit these market trends, plus allow for print production wastage. As such, our common Advertising Mesh Banner rolls are 55m, 110m & 160m in length.

Advertising Mesh Banner should have a reinforcing hem welded top and bottom, then eyelets set in the hem. We recommend a maximum spacing distance of 500mm between each eyelet setting, but as close as every 300mm for high wind zones.

The type of eyelet, and the material it is set into, can make a difference in the holding strength of the eyelet. The best installation of Advertising Mesh Banner is tight with no sagging, failure can occur when fixing points are missed or the mesh is too loose and flaps in the wind.

We have been using Carrflex® Pre-Hemmed Advertising Mesh Banner for over 5 years, the time-saving in production has given us the ability to grow this category within our business and not worry about the finishing bottleneck.”

Jeff Gibson, Director
Adgraphix, Christchurch, New Zealand

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