Welding 3D Shapes with the SEAMTEK W-900 AT

The Leister SEAMTEK Wedge and Hot air welders continue to develop in popularity worldwide, with those in the technical textile industry creating amazing three-dimensional objects and inflatable products with Leister’s SEAMTEK W-900 AT.

Thanks to the integrated top differential and the parameter switch pedal in the SEAMTEK W-900 AT, these 3D objects and products are being created easily and without interrupting the welding process.

We’ve compile three videos that demonstrate the SEAMTEK W-900 AT crafting real-world products:

  • Fabrication of a Fish Tank with a SEAMTEK W-900 AT
  • An Inflatable boat being welded with a SEAMTEK W-900 AT
  • An inflatable igloo mold being welded with SEAMTEK W-900 AT

Check them out below!

Fish Tank Fabrication 

Inflatable boat

Inflatable igloo mold

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