Tarpaulin Makers BOP benefits with Leister Tapemat

Tarpaulin Makers BOP Ltd is a fabricator in the New Zealand technical textile and tarpaulin sector. Established in 1989, and operating from its facility in the beautiful region of Bay of Plenty, the business has established itself as an incumbent fabricator and solutions provider.

Under the guidance of Beni Hafoka, and with production overseen by Craig Lambie, the business offers a diverse range of custom solutions and coverings for Transport, Construction, Cool Stores, Fumigation and Agriculture (to name a few).

A long-time supporter of Leister hot air welding equipment, Tarpaulin Makers BOP engaged with Carr New Zealand Ltd (CARR), the only authorised Leister sales and service partner for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, around enhancing production efficiency, particularly for truck side curtain tape welding.

Regularly welding 900gsm (with acrylic lacquer) truck side curtain with 2.5T rated PVC coated webbing, technically sound welds were being achieved at a speed of 3.8 meters per minute using Leister Unimat V welders.


After a testing process undertaken by CARR, it was determined that the Leister Tapemat, with its increased weight, temperature and air volume output, could achieve technically sound welds at a speed of 10 meters per minute.

The results generated easily met the desired cost-benefit equation and as such, Tarpaulin Makers BOP wasted no time in ordering two Leister Tapemat welders.

Tarpaulin Markers BOP also took the opportunity to upgrade their overlap welding equipment and now also benefit from the production efficiency allowed by two Leister Variant T1 welders.

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