PVC-Free Carrflex® Future Banner is a hit with JCDecaux

JCDecaux are market leaders for Out-of-Home Media and are committed to sustainability in New Zealand. As such they have been using PVC-Free Carrflex® Future Banner as their standard billboard skin for all JCDecaux 6×3 and 12×3 static sites.

Traditionally the banner material used in this sector is made from Polyester (PES) base fabric with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coating. This has been a great product in the way it prints, welds, its strength and cost-effectiveness. However, despite its many benefits, PVC is one of the least environmentally friendly thermoplastics in both manufacture and disposal at end of life.

Producing a cost-effective PVC-free product with the same characteristics, properties and demands was not an easy task. At the Carr Group, we leaned on our technical understanding of various polymers, base fabrics and manufacturing techniques, to develop and offer PVC-free alternatives to the traditional products used.

Development of this PVC-Free billboard skin would not have been possible without the valued testing and feedback from forward-thinking print partner Juggernaut Graphics.

PVC-Free Carrflex® Future Banner

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