New Seam Probe Tester and Multi Tool launched for the Roofing Market

Effective 10 October 2022, Leister have launched two new seam welding testers to the market, replacing their long-standing seam probe tester (pictured left), used for non-destructive overlap weld testing on thermoplastic roof membranes.

Seam Weld Tester (172.482)

Like the old Seam Probe Tester, the new Seam Weld Tester (pictured above bottom right) are used, among other things, for overlap weld testing on sealed flat and pitched roofs. As you can see from the pictures attached the pointed tip is now a flat probe tip to make even more efficient testing possible, whilst reducing the risk of a dropped tester damaging the membrane. The plastic handle has also been replaced with a more ergonomic and environmentally friendly wooden handle, making it well-suited for lengthy tests.

To test an overlap wed, the seam weld tester is pulled along the seam. If a defective area is detected, the test probe slips into the overlap allowing the defect to be quickly identified and repaired.

Seam Weld Tester Multitool (172.483)

This multifunctional weld tester was developed in collaboration with Victorinox, and designed by Paul Rothlin formally of Sika, Switzerland, which is just down the road from Leister Headquarters in Sarnen.

This Seam Weld Tester, also includes a Phillips screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a high-quality serrated blade. Having seen this tool in Switzerland back in March 2022, during its development, our in-house Leister expert Matt Allen can attest to its quality.

With this must have multitool, users will have a practical tool for efficient testing of lap welds and a successful day on the construction site. It is suitable for right or left-handed use, and thanks to an integrated hole, it can be easily opened up with only one hand.

The test probe on this tool, which has been revised by Leister, can be easily and ergonomically pulled along the seam to be tested without damaging the membrane. If the test probe slips into the overlap, the leak has been discovered and can be repaired.

Carr New Zealand will also continue to supply the original Seam Probe Tester while stocks last. Our roofing kits will then move to include the new Seam Weld Tester.

We have already sourced both of these new testers, and have them available for sale NOW! Contact us today for sales enquiries.