New Leister Pressure Roller for the Roofing Industry

The polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) pressure roller is specifically designed with an 8 mm width, making it superior in distributing pressure during welding detail work.


Compared to narrower pressure rollers, the PTFE roller excels in evenly distributing pressure, resulting in minimal damage to waterproofing membranes. Additionally, the PTFE material used in the roller generates less heat, further reducing the risk of damage during the welding process. This makes the PTFE pressure roller an ideal choice for detail-oriented tasks like welding corners, edges, and curves when sealing both flat and pitched roofs, as well as for welding swimming pool membranes.

The PTFE pressure roller is designed with an ergonomic wooden handle for comfortable use. It features flat tubular rivets on both sides of the axle, ensuring that both sides of the pinch roller remain flat. This design helps prevent any damage to the plastic waterproofing membrane during the welding process. Additionally, a secure fastening profile ensures a stable connection to the roller, preventing any unwanted slipping while working.

For welding swimming pool membranes, Leister’s PTFE roll offers a significant advantage. It remains cool during use, which is particularly valuable in this application as it has no adverse impact on the design structure of the surface of the swimming pool membranes. This feature ensures a flawless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Key Features

  • Unique with 8 mm pressure distribution, therefore less wrinkle
  • No heating of the pressure roller during detail work
  • Flat rivet without hurting the membrane
  • Ball bearing

If you want to learn more about the pressure roller, please watch the attached tutorial video.

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