New Leister Plastic Welding Catalogue for 2022

Leister is a global leader in hot air, hot-wedge and extrusion welding processes, providing premium welding tools for plastic fabrication, civil engineering, textile textiles and industrial fabrics, roofing and flooring markets.

2022 has seen Leister re-imagine their Plastic Welding Catalogue and it is now available online.

The images of those featured in the Catalogue are the staff who manage the design, innovation and support for the products in their respective product lines.

An exciting new add-on with this catalogue is the inclusion of QR codes alongside each tool, allowing you to access additional tool-specific information via your smartphone.

With Leister, you can find the right premium welding tool for all applications in the plastics industry.

Check out their plastic welding catalogue today, for a complete list of their available heat guns, extrusion welders, welding machines, automatic welders, blowers, grooving devices and testing instruments and accessories.

Download the Leister 2022 Plastic Welding Catalogue

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