myLeister App

Connect your Leister products with the myLeister app, available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Leister has developed the myLeister app to create a digital experience for customers who have invested in one of its quality, precision tools. The myLeister app supplements the intelligent Leister products with countless setting options, offering new Leister services and transforming your Leister device into an interactive tool.


All you need to do is download the myLeister app, and then register your Leister equipment from the date of purchase (a serial number on the equipment is required for this).

Once installed on your mobile phone, the myLeister app offers you access to valuable functions around your Leister device at any time. From saving your welding parameters and configuring devices to viewing the status of the connected Leister device in real-time, the app provides access to a wealth of data.

Tools like the WELDPLAST 600, Twinny T7, Geostar G5 or Geostar G7 and Comet 700, are equipped with the proven Leister Quality System (LQS). Via the myLeister app, the welding parameters, including GPS coordinates, can be clearly documented in a log while welding. This is an advantage for users. Not only will it increase efficiency by streamlining their workflows on the job site, it also allows them to showcase the quality of the work they have carried out.

Additionally, the myLeister app contains a wide range of information to help with all types of welding, including formulas for the Process Heat Industry.

See for yourself and test the myLeister app today. Try the integrated demo version with no need to register. Downloads available in your app store for iOS, Android and Windows.

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Get more out of your tools with the myLeister app. Contact us for advice on all things Leister.