Leister’s New PENWELD A and PENWELD S Hot Air Welders

In January 2024, Leister introduced the latest PENWELD A and PENWELD S hot air welders tailored for professionals in the plastic tank and container manufacturing industry.

These cutting-edge tools are designed to replace several similar models, including the Pen R, Pen S, Diode PID, and Labor S plastic fabrication tools.

The Penweld A, or Advanced model, boasts advanced features which contribute to the delivery of precise and consistent welding results including:

  • A ring-shaped work light integrated directly into the handle. This warm white LED work light ensures optimum illumination of the weld path, providing a significant advantage, especially for prolonged and concentration-intensive work
  • Ergonomically designed polygon handle to ensure comfortable and safe handling
  • Intuitive menu on the display for straightforward operation
  • Electronic controls to allow the temperature to remain constant, enhancing process safety, and precision
  • A rotating connection for flexibility
  • Specific hose characteristics for improved usability
  • A service-friendly junction box

The Penweld S, or Standard model, is renowned for its durability and simplicity, making it ideal for continuous plastic welding tasks in harsh industrial environments. Equipped with a powerful heating element, it supports both plug-in nozzles and Leister’s high-quality screw-on nozzles. The integrated temperature knob enables precise heat adjustment, while the robust casing protects electronic components from environmental factors like dirt and moisture.

Both the Penweld A and Penweld S hot air tools are suitable for applications in various industries, including plastic tank fabrication, aquaculture construction and repair, boat construction and repair, sealing of reservoirs and canals and general plastics processing.

Leister offers customisable options for these devices, such as different air hose lengths (3m and 8m), power levels (100W and 1550W), and nozzle connections, ensuring they meet individual requirements. They are compatible with a range of Leister air sources, including compressors and blowers, providing versatility for diverse operational needs.

Leister’s New PENWELD A and PENWELD S Hot Air Welders

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