Leister’s Mobile Air Compressor: Airstream 100

The AIRSTREAM 100 is Leister’s lightweight and compact compressor suited for mobile use.

Launched in early 2022, the Airstream 100 is a new and improved model from the original Airstream, and is designed to be integrated with the Diode, Pen R and Labor S hand welding tools. Unlike a standard Triac Welding tool with an inbuilt blower motor, the air is supplied separately to the hand tool, which is then forced through the heating element.

This versatile compressor can be used in numerous applications including plastic tank fabrication, boat repair and construction, plastic repairs, cable shrinking, reservoir and canal waterproofing and soldering.

The new design has seen improvements in the blower system which is now brushless. This along with the filter system makes the tool very clean and quiet in terms of operation, making it well suited for work environments that have low-noise or high cleanliness requirements. The dual power supply allows for a very simple means of cooling down the tool as the blower system runs independently of the hand tool power supply.

The Airstream is also designed to support the hand tool when not in use. This compact compressor is great for doing jobs in-house or out on a work site, and when combined with the sleek hand tool options, makes holding the tools very comfortable during the welding process.

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