Leister Sets the Standard in Technical Fabric Welding

The following article is a repost of a Success Story by Mariateresa Pirozzi, Marketing Specialist, Leister Technologies AG, Italy, originally published on Leister.com

All over the world, people admire Nasoallinsù’s works of art. The Italian company, based in Varese, produces inflatable objects for events held by well-known companies and cultural institutions and uses the SEAMTEK W-2000 AT welding machine from Leister for this purpose.

The Nasoallinsù company works for renowned brands and communications agencies in a range of sectors. From food to luxury goods. The company’s creativity shines through in the design of original inflatable objects which are both visually striking and meet the needs of their international clientele.

Nasoallinsù were previously focused on stitched objects made of material. These were inflated with electric motors supplying a continuous air blast. In recent years, however, the demand for inflatable plastic objects has increased. Inflatables, as they are known in the industry, also stay inflated without a permanent electrical connection. This is an advantage for objects which come into contact with water. Because water is an element that has traditionally never mixed well with electric motors.

Game changer – welding instead of stitching

The production of welded rather than stitched plastic objects does not in itself present any particular challenge: There is a wide range of solutions available on the market for welding thermoplastic materials like PVC quickly and in a straight line with excellent sealing results. The difficulty lies more in welding complex shapes and, therefore, removing any limits to artistic creativity.


Tommaso Ponti, Managing Director at Nasoallinsù, was therefore looking for an alternative production process offering similar levels of versatility and flexibility as a sewing machine. “After assessing a range of welding machines, we opted for the SEAMTEK W-2000 AT from Leister,” explains Ponti.

SEAMTEK W-2000 AT from Leister is ideal for large projects

Leister developed the SEAMTEK W-2000 AT for welding large objects made of technical fabrics. This welding machine’s frame dimensions (at least 2 m wide) can weld very large objects quickly and easily. The user-friendly welding machine really stands out when working on products with complicated curves and designs. Welding speed is easy to adjust with a simple foot pedal. The innovative Leister hot-wedge technology is exceptionally quiet and smoke-free. Ideal conditions for welding inside, as the Nasoallinsù specialists are eager to confirm.

A new dynamic market with outstanding perspectives

By purchasing the Leister SEAMTEK W-2000 AT welding machine, Nasoallinsù has gained access to a new market with excellent opportunities for growth. Should the demand for this type of inflatables continue to grow, the company is considering expanding its production capacity. In this case, Tommaso Ponti is confident: “I’m extremely satisfied with Leister, both for the performance of the welding machine and the service provided. As soon as we need another welding machine, I will definitely choose a Leister product again.”


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