LEISTER CHINOOK: Save Energy with Hot Air Recycling

If you are using Leister air heaters from the LHS 210 or LHS 410 series or want to integrate them into your process and also save a lot of energy and costs, then the new Leister CHINOOK blower is the perfect complement to the air heaters and enables hot air recirculation.

Industrial processes often release hot air into the atmosphere without any utilization. This is not only wasteful but also environmentally harmful and financially burdensome. That’s why savvy individuals opt for Leister’s recyclable and temperature-resistant air heaters and blowers. Why? With this dynamic duo, they can effortlessly redirect the hot air back into the air heater, resulting in significant energy savings and cost reduction. Compressed air is now a thing of the past.

The CHINOOK side channel blower, introduced in September 2023, is Leister’s innovative solution. It is designed to deliver high-pressure process air, even at temperatures of up to 350°C, back into industrial processes. This is particularly exciting news for mechanical engineers and R&D managers, as hot air recirculation can slash energy consumption and costs by as much as 50% while also contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

For optimal hot air recovery within your industrial heating process, the ideal choice is to pair the CHINOOK with Leister’s LHS 210 SF-R, LHS 210 DF-R, LHS 410 SF-R, and LHS 410 DF-R air heaters. Where is this combination effective? It proves beneficial in nearly all hot air processes where hot air recirculation is viable and where there exists the potential for energy recovery due to usable output temperatures.

Leister’s CHINOOK is well insulated and solidly built with high-quality components. As a result, the Leister high-pressure blower gives you reliable long-term performance despite high thermal loads.

CHINOOK benefits at a glance:

  • Up to 50% energy and cost savings
  • Recycling of industrial process air up to 350°C
  • Reliable blower for continuous industrial use
  • Low maintenance and durable

This article is a truncated repost of a Story by Chantal Manella, Promotion Specialist, Leister Technologies AG, Italy, originally published on Leister.com

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