Keder – The Superior Edge Fixing System

Keder and Keder Core are products sold by the Carr Group in Australia and New Zealand as part of our range of consumable products. Supplying customers from the wide format print sector as well as fabricators of outdoor products, we have a Keder product for every application.

Our stocked Keder comes in a range from 4mm up to 13mm diameter, single or double flapped. Our standard fabric colours are black and white.

Our PVC Keder Core ranges from 3mm to 12mm in diameter. With the fabricator using their own fabric this gives them a similar range in size to using our stock Keder.

What is Keder?

Simplistically put, Keder is used to attach a fabric panel to a solid structure. The fabric panel (usually PVC) will be welded or stitched to the Keder flap, while the Keder core slides into an aluminium extrusion secured to the solid structure.

Keder consists of two parts: a core and fabric. The core is commonly made from extruded PVC, which is then wrapped and welded in a coated fabric. Generally, this fabric is woven Polyester with PVC knife coating on one side, with the exposed fibres on the outside allowing the Keder to easily slide into the aluminium track.

Using this ingenious invention, fabric installations can happen faster, are more durable and it creates a continuous waterproof connection for roof membranes, curtains and sidewalls between the fabric and the frame.

Common applications include banners and billboards, café clear screens, retractable pergola walls, fabric roof membranes, tents and marquees, and boat covers and canopies.


Can I order a customised Keder?

If you have a special project requiring a unique style of Keder, our team in Australia and New Zealand can work with you to design and create the product to meet your needs.

Things we have customized in the past include:

  • Core size, profile, and type (PVC-free).
  • Fabric colour, weight, weave, and flap size.
  • Coating colour (Blockout), type (PVC-Free), and coated both sides.

When looking at a custom product, please note that minimum order quantities will be required.

Keder Edge

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