Varimat 300

varimat 300

Like its “brothers”, the VARIMAT 700 and VARIMAT 500 automatic welding machines, the VARIMAT 300 is designed for different applications. Whether for roofing work or swimming pool construction, the VARIMAT 300 ensures good and fast processing of the waterproofing membranes. Truck tarpaulins and advertising banners can also be tightly welded with the VARIMAT 300. Its air partitioning concept, uncoupled from the pressure roller, helps minimise wrinkles during welding. This ensures optimal water flow and attractive appearance. Thanks to its large, user-friendly display, the VARIMAT 300 is easy to operate and is supplied in a sturdy rolling transport case for easy, ergonomic and safe transport.

In order to meet individual customer requirements, two further versions of the VARIMAT are available: VARIMAT 700 and VARIMAT 500. These two automatic welding machines have additional safety components. The VARIMAT 300 has been deliberately kept minimalist and is therefore particularly suitable for price-sensitive customers.


  • Upright welding due to increased contact pressure
  • Stays on track thanks to movable transport axle
  • Easy insertion of the nozzle
  • Clear display for intuitive operation
  • Work without obstacles due to optimal cable routing

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