Uniroof 700


The Leister UNIROOF 700 is a compact, automatic welding machine suited to weld thermoplastic membranes (for example made of TPO, PVC, EVA, PIB and modified bitumen) on medium-sized, flat roofs up to approx. 500 sqm and slightly inclined roofs (inclination up to 30 degrees). With the Leister Quality System (LQS) the important welding parameters (temperature, air volume and speed) are not only under control, but the welding quality is precisely documented.

  • Monitored-Welding-Assistant for process reliability
  • Welding quality documented thanks to LQS
  • GPS integration enables roofers to prove the quality of their work via the GPS coordinates
  • Standard nozzle ensures homogeneous weld seam
  • 20% faster than the UNIROOF 300
  • Eco mode option saving up to 30% energy when the temperature and air volume reach their maximum capacities

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