Leak Tester


The reliable and handy compressed air testing device from Leister is the perfect solution for testing the air-tightness of double overlap seams with test channel. It is used on construction sites in civil engineering, in tunnels and on landfill sites. The revised model is now even safer and more precise – both in operation and in detecting leaks. The Leak tester is available in two versions: with conical needle for hard membranes such as HDPE or with a thin needle for soft materials such as PVC, TPO and FPO.


  • Simple and precise leak testing
  • Safe thanks to hand and needle protection
  • Handy equipment case

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LEISTER is the global leader in hot air welding tools, offering premium tools built for professionals and long-term applications. For light commercial use or DIY enthusiasts, Weldy tools offer excellent value for money for these users.

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