Circular Economy Recycling

This programme is available for our Media Board products in New Zealand.

Through our innovation and development, approved products can be taken from in-house factory waste and end of life application. Following Carr Group’s consolidation, processing and storage process, goods can be sent for processing into raw state and ready for production into a new life product.

Recycled raw material can be used by local manufacturers, allowing them to convert what was previously waste into new life products such as storage bins, shipping pallets, composite decking, floor tiles, outdoor furniture etc.

Our circular economy programme focuses on the concept of generating multiple new life opportunities for products that have traditionally ended up in landfill. By working with our various stakeholders, goods can be re-directed back through this programme multiple times for a true circular economy result.

How does this benefit your organisation?

Carr will collate and record commercially useable data, and can provide relevant data for your company. This can be used to enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility goals, as well as providing valuable marketing and promotional material.

Participants of our Waste to Fuel programme will receive data on:

  • Volume diverted from landfill in cubic meters
  • Kilograms of waste sent for second life opportunity
Green Initiative by Carr Group

Circular Economy Recycling