Future Post: Turning Banner Media into Fence Posts

Green Initiative by Carr Group

Through CARR’s partnership with Future Post, CARR New Zealand’s customers have the opportunity to recycle approved PVC-free Carrflex® textiles into fence posts products with Future Post.

Future Post is a kiwi company with the goal to divert as much plastic as possible from New Zealand’s landfills and recycle this resource into enduring, sustainable, and environmentally beneficial fence post products.

How does it work?

Used billboards and coated textile factory waste is collected and sent to Future Post. The products are then shredded into a consistent form ready for processing, blended with other approved plastic waste, with the products then plasticised and extruded into sustainable, recyclable fence posts. These posts can be used as an alternative to timber posts for a variety of applications in the agriculture, viticulture, and marine sectors. Future Posts are as strong as timber, but won’t split, rot or crack and can be recycled so are designed to last for generations.

Please watch the attached video to see this recycling process in action.

Future Post Recycling Partner

Please contact us for further information about Carr Group’s Green Initiative.