Cutting-edge Utility Scissors by Leister

A little known secret is that Leister, in partnership with the well-known Swiss knife company Victorinox, have created these great Utility Scissors.

The Scissors are 260mm in length. They have a specially designed serrated edge that can cut through a wide range of materials easily. The weight of the scissors is a lot less than more traditional industrial scissors.

Leister Switzerland will tell you these scissors are one of their biggest-selling items.

Carr New Zealand placed a few pairs in both a roofing and flooring training school to get feedback on what the end users thought when cutting various membranes and flooring materials. In both sectors the feedback has been extremely positive.

A customer in the outdoor structures industry has also been very happy with his scissor purchase.

Leister Scissors

We believe Leister’s utility scissors should be a must-have accessory for all our customers. Contact us to order some today.