Cheering for Switzerland at FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

This year New Zealand had the privilege of hosting the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup, alongside co-hosts Australia.

At Carr, we closely followed the tournament, with a particular focus on New Zealand’s match against Switzerland. This game held special significance for us due to our strong partnership with the Swiss-based company Leister, for whom we act as the exclusive authorised agent, here in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Although we regretted not being able to attend the New Zealand versus Switzerland match, Matthew Allan, Carr’s Sales Manager for Leister tools, managed to secure tickets for the round of 16 game between Switzerland and Spain. With New Zealand no longer in the competition at this point, it was a straightforward decision for Matt to lend his support to the Swiss team. Carr’s enduring 30-year partnership with Leister made it a point of pride to back their team on our home turf. (See pictures below of Matthew showing his support for Switzerland in a Leister safety vest).

The match proved to be a captivating spectacle, with both teams displaying tremendous effort. Ultimately, the Spanish team emerged victorious, but it was certainly not due to any lack of determination from the Swiss side.

The most unforgettable moment of the game came when the Swiss team scored their only goal, catching the Spanish goalkeeper out of position as the ball found its way into the net.