Carrflex® Print Media on the Global Stage

The Carr Group team has recently experienced key Carrflex® print media products in action at some of Europe’s leading print media expos.

Kai Hennig and John Carr had the privilege of being part of the Durst experience in July when a group of Australian printers were hosted by Durst in Brixen, in the Italian alps. Aside from the warm hospitality and stunning surroundings, learning more about their printers and how our Carrflex® media processes through them was very beneficial. Of great interest was understanding the science behind why our Carrflex® standard flag textile is the product to specify when printing on the latest unbelievably fast P5 TEX iSub printers.

Following on the back of the Durst experience we threw ourselves into the FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, the epicentre for new developments and connecting with long-time friends leading the sign print industry. Carr is involved in the industry in North America, Australia, and New Zealand so our partnerships with leading suppliers is vital for our growth. The halting progress as countries emerged from COVID restrictions and supply line challenges meant that this show was key to return to meaningful face-to-face engagement. Partnering with customers and suppliers to put together mutually beneficial trading relationships is key to who Carr is. That includes our partner company in Haining, China, giving us a physical presence on the ground in China, something that showed its real value through the COVID chaos.

A hero project of ours is the holy grail of digitally printable organic natural fibre textiles for home textile, interior décor and apparel applications. To this end Kai was again at ITMA in Milan, the leading textile and garment technology expo held in Europe every four years. Innovation around textiles, certification of their origin, ethical sourcing, and competitive supply is moving at high speed. The Mimaki stand was an exciting demonstration of Carrflex® Print-e textiles in use. Our Print-e range of textiles ready for print is expanding steadily so come and talk with Kai about them.

Milan, Italy, is also where our printable Carrflex® Mediaboard rigid sheets are manufactured. Made from 100% polypropylene, this product is a fully recyclable, competitive and light-weight alternative to foam PVC. The visit to our mill has once again highlighted the innovation and use of cutting-edge machinery when it comes to making this sheet with Bubble Guard® / iprinto® technology.


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