A Fresche approach

The Covid-19 health crisis focused world attention on the importance of effective infection control. Equally, there is an ever-increasing awareness throughout supply chains of the environmental and health impacts of manufacturing processes and additives.

Traditionally, many antimicrobials have relied on heavy metals, such as Silver Ions and other leaching chemicals that can be toxic to the environment and human health.

Carr Group has a long history of working closely with our manufacturing partners to develop unique, high-performance coated textiles. Our close collaboration with our partners includes driving fundamental innovation in material formulations to enhance performance in all areas, including anti-microbial protection. Additionally, Carr has made a firm commitment to proactively trend towards environmental sustainability throughout our entire product offering and business operations.

Over seven years ago, Carr partnered with Fresche Bioscience with the aim of incorporating their innovative anti-microbial additive into our Carrflex Barrier Textiles formulations.

Founded in 2010, Fresche Bioscience is an Australian company and world leader in advanced, high-performing and environmentally safe antimicrobials.
In 2022, Fresche EF4850 QuatlockTM antimicrobial and textile binder EFBZ1 gained Oeko-Tex ECO PASSPORT certification. This means Fresche antimicrobial products EF4850 and EFBZ1, which are used in Carrflex Barrier Textile formulations, have been tested for harmful substances, as listed in the ECO PASSPORT standard. Products that are ECO PASSPORT certified also achieve Level 1 ZDHC certification, the benefits of which are the protection of the environment and human health.

Environmental responsibility does not, however, necessitate any compromise to antimicrobial efficacy of Carrflex Barrier Textiles. Fresche QuatlockTM technology creates a unique bond with the material that provides long-lasting antimicrobial protection. Proof perhaps that when it comes to effective infection control and environmental sustainability, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

fresche-bioscience-logo SILVER NANO
Base of The Product Plant based active in food grade solvent Metal Ion Based
Leaching Type Non-leaching. Permanently bonds to textiles Leaching. Presence erodes through action and washing
Antimicrobial Efficacy Time Antimicrobial, antifungal and provides odour protection for up to 100 washes Efficacy lasts for a few washes only
Mode of Action Destroys microbes via a mechanical process Destroys via chemical disruption.
Formation of Microbial Resistance No bacterial resistance Allows for bacterial resistance due to depletion through leaching
Environmentally Friendly Does not accumulate or persist in the environment Silver accumulates in and is toxic to the environment
Human Friendly Is non-toxic and does not penetrate skin to bioaccumulate Bioaccumulates in the body causing medical issues such as Argyria

Carrflex® Barrier Textiles

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