For over 25 years Carr has been the key supplier to manufacturers of stationery products. We have taken the time to listen and know our tried and tested range of unsupported sheet and foamed PVC, ring mechanisims, fittings and accessories, meet the demands of our customers.



weldable foam


Stationery Sheet

We stock an extensive range of unsupported PVC sheet in opaque and clear grades. We also offer specialty foamed PVC for premium folders and wallets.

PVC Sheeting

An extensive range of unsupported PVC sheet in opaque, clear and foamed grades.

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Weldable PVC Foam

Weldable PVC Foam Sheet for a range of industries: automotive, stationery, decoration, healthcare, leisure, packaging.

DFP17/1400 1.7 x 1,400 x 50m roll

Mouse Mat

Our Mousemat PVC is available at a thickness of 1.4mm and has a white surface with a grey base. This foamed PVC product is ideally paired with our ‘Easyweld’, with excellent clarity and feel and as the name suggests is easy to weld!


CSSFMM14 1.4 x 1400 x 30m roll Mouse Mat
CSSFME1 0.3 x 700 x 1,000 sheet Easyweld

Stationery Fittings

Our extensive range of fittings and components used in the manufacture of finished stationery products is one of the most extensive in Australasia.

Our stationery products are ideal for the manufacture of applications such as:

  • binders
  • clip boards
  • menu covers
  • file fasteners
  • travel wallets
  • credit card holders
  • name card holders
  • promotional products
  • compendiums

Ring Mechanisims

If you are after a ring mechanism we can supply. The ring mechanisms we stock are available in various lengths, capacities and ring designs. For an unusual mechanism that is not normally a stock item, we are happy to source this for you.

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Lever Arch

We carry stocks of both HALF ARCH and FULL LEVER ARCH mechanisms and the compatible SLIDE-IN-PLATES available for those people wanting to rivet them on using their normal riveting machine. These have a 4.2mm hole size.

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We stock a range of box file, computer, clipboard and plastic file binding fittings.

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Hinge Rings

Hinge rings are available in a range of sizes.

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RF Weldable PVC Foam

HF weldable flexible foam sheet for use in embossing, padding and as a joining medium.

High Frequency (or Radio Frequency) weldable foam is foamed PVC sheeting in roll form. It is formulated to flow extremely easily under HF so provides an extremely efficient solution for bonding products when using HF welding technology.


DFP17/1400 1.7 x 1,400 x 50m roll
heat embossed weldable foam

Foamed vinyl only collapses in the welded area so the remainder provides loft making it ideal for heat embossing.

marine upholstery weldable foam

Using a “stitch” pattern embossed electrode you can achieve a fully waterproof stitched appearance making it ideal for outdoor or marine upholstery fabrication.

car door weldable foam

It provides a simple solution when joining fabrics using HF welding technology.

applique weldable foam 2

Perfect as the bonding medium for applique work.

stationery weldable foam

Stationery items needing customising or upgrading can benefit from the inclusion of a PVC foam substrate for cushioning.

Car door weldable foam

Weld fabrics to a dielectric coated substrate using the weldable foam as the bonding medium such as for flat panel door lining in commercial vehicles or when restoring older cars.