PVC Repurposing

We’re aiming to offer a solution to repurpose PVC print media.

This programme is currently under development within Carr’s Green Initiative.

Our core industries use volumes of PVC with a supporting base fabric. In many applications, this type of product is still the only suitable product which can perform to the market requirements.

However given the embedded base fabric, it presents major issues for recycling, with goods currently ending up in landfills around the globe.

Carr is currently engaged and working with industry bodies who are developing market-leading technology to address this. We believe once the technology reaches a commercially acceptable and scalable level, the resulting product will be able to be re-purposed into new goods such as:

  • street furniture
  • flooring
  • roofing tiles

There is a growing list of industrial and consumer products that can be manufactured from repurposed PVC. We’re aiming to become part of that process and make a positive change to the print media industry.

PVC Repurposing is Development Item within our Green Initiative.

Green Initiative by Carr Group

PVC Repurposing