Landfill Diversion & Fossil Fuel Offset

A world-first in the digital print industry.

Ready to roll out now, this programme within our Green Initiative is a world-first in the digital print industry. We’re reclaiming print media waste and repurposing it as a fossil fuel alternative.

Our Alternative Fuel complies with the requirements of the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator under the Emissions Reduction Fund. Additionally, this programme meets the criteria for operational funding of New Zealand Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund. (Application pending).

Approved print media products bought exclusively from Carr Group will qualify for our Green Initiative.

How does this benefit your organisation?

When you use our approved PVC-free print media products, your business directly benefits in two distinct ways:

  • Waste diverted from landfill
  • Fossil Fuel Offset programme

Carr will collate and report this data specific to your company. This can be used as valuable marketing and promotional material, as well as support your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals.

Landfill Diversion

Print media waste no longer has to end up in a landfill.

With our Landfill Diversion scheme, end of life print media items will be consolidated at Carr’s Sydney facility. Waste will be sorted, stored and then shipped out for repurposing. Approved waste is shredded, co-mingled with wood pulp, then bailed. The result is an alternative fuel source used locally and offshore in cement kilns, which directly offsets fossil fuel (typically coal) usage.

Fossil Fuel Offset

You accrue Fossil Fuel Offset Credits calculated by Carr. Your credits represent the volume of fossil fuel that your waste has saved.

Carr Group will collate data for each of our customers which details their volume of waste that has been diverted from landfill.


Your waste will be turned into PEF (Processed Engineered Fuel), this made up of 80% general waste (approved goods end of life) & 20% wood pulp. This product is supplied as an alternative fuel source for burning within Cement Kilns where coal is the primary fuel. Our PEF can offset as much a 30% of overall coal usage, and burns at a CV (Calorific Value) of 26 Megajoules per kg.

Based on this data, we are able to calculate:

  • Waste diverted from Landfill
  • Fossil Fuel Offset credits
  • Coal offset in KG
Green Initiative by Carr Group

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