AP-40 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Eyelet Setting Machine

eyelet-machine-automatic pneumatic ap40

Model AP-40
Automatic Pneumatic Machine

  • Punches and sets eyelets with washers in one operation
  • Powerful, fast and safe setting action
  • Automatic eyelet and washer feed and positioning by means of hopper and raceway ready for the next setting
  • Can set 38 eyelet/washers per minute
  • All the moveable parts are protected with safety guarding
  • Consistent fixing for every setting so particularly suitable for demanding applications subject to high load requirements
  • Fully pneumatic machine so electricity is not needed


Technical Specifications

Throat depth11.5 cm
Eyelet size (hole diameter)6 – 20 mm
Cycle time1.5 sec
Head sizes45 x 45 x 70 cm
Weight with bench88 kg
Working air pressure6 bar
Cycle1.1 L